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Composing sentences with adjective and adverbial clauses

Advantages and disadvantages of living in Moscow

I live in Moscow, Russia, since 1985. Having dwelt in in this city for more than 30 years, I still look at it as if I were a non-resident and I see more disadvantages than some autochthonous Moscovites. The first disadvantage is the atmosphere of a megalopolis, where every one rushes and doesn't recognize anything around him. It is very difficult to make friends here or even find someone free for one evening. The second disadvantage is the lack of greenery. It often takes a good half an hour or more to get to a park. In summer, when the temperature rises, it is really hard to breath in the streets. And finally, the prices in Moscow are very-very high. Since 2012, it is cheaper to spend a month in Berlin or Paris than in our city.
Although megalopolis' rhythm is grueling, there are a lot of pleasant things to do here, yet it is not possible everyday. First of all, Moscow is the city of beautiful architecture. I'm speaking not only about Kremlin, Bolshoi theater or art nouveau merchant houses. I can't get enough of watching different underground stations and the famous "seven sisters", impressive Stalin-time skyscrapers. Second, Moscow is the city of opportunities. You can find a huge number of different jobs, educational programs, social events or leisure proposals. And naturally, the salaries in Moscow are great. They are twice higher than in most of other towns in Russia, and today some people earn here more money than in Europe.
Trying to make some kind of conclusion, I would say that Moscow is a young, dynamic city that is very good to live in.
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